Blogs and sites of Interest

I want to take this chance to list out some of the blogs or bloggers I am following. A lot of these folks do great work, and the kind of work I hope to one day do myself. I know how hard it can be to get your name out there, so I am happy to give them some love.


Written by Jeff Alworth, one of my favorite bloggers / writers to read. This guy literally wrote the beer bible, which is coming out in August. He also produces regular content for Best of all is he is unwavering in his desire to remain impartial and pure. In this god forsaken world of ‘journalism’ that means a lot.

Good Beer Hunting

A well polished collaborative of writers who shine on in their attempt to discuss all things beer. Special shout out to Michael Kiser who is one of my favorites there.

A Good Beer Blog

When you’re celebrating 12 years of blogging about beer you tend to know what the hell you’re doing. Such is the case with Alan Mcleod who is understandably a bit disenfranchised with the whole craft beer scene. After 12 years of anything you’re likely going to discuss the bad more often than the good!


This one is a bit wordy, but that’s because it deals with some pretty deep content like the history of brewing and breweries. I find the articles to be really enjoyable and informative and very well thought out. Written by the talented Martyn Cornell you should check this one out.

Head Over Beers

This blog is just great, mostly because it incorporates beer recipes in with beer reviews and that makes me pretty happy. Also because it’s written by the talented¬†Jana Mlynar, who is the first female beer blogger I have encountered thus far. Her writing is fun, efficient and shows her true love for trying all sorts of beers.


An excellent blog I discovered through WordPress, he reviews a ton of beers and makes me question my commitment to doing beer reviews. His tend to be on the funny meets technical side, and though he lives in Jersey he isn’t a Jets fan so I don’t hate him irrationally.


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