State of the Blog Address

As I hit milestones with this whole blogging thing I want to take some time to post some reflections  and give some ideas of what I want this to be in the future. 

I want to start this post off simply by saying some thank you’s:

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog, comments, and continues to encourage me to keep writing it. I love to write — I wouldn’t be churning out regular content if I didn’t, but the continued support I get from visitors keeps this from ever feeling like a chore!

Thank you to the many fine folks out there brewing, canning, bottling and selling their beer. Being on the other side of the fence has shown me how long these folks work, often after they have already worked a full day at their first job, just to keep your fridges full of the beer you love.

And a huge thank you goes to Future-Wife, who beyond being my partner is also equal parts muse, cheerleader, drinking buddy and one hell of a patient editor. I literally couldn’t do this, and have it make sense, without you.


This makes my 22nd post, which is 22 more than I had back when I was just jabbering at other fellow craft beer enthusiasts about new beers I was trying.

I told myself when I hit 20 posts I was going to buy up an actual domain, and that is exactly what I have done! is now mine, all mine!

It’s literally nothing right now, but very soon it will be my own blog away from the WordPress domain with a lot more customization. I am absolutely thrilled to have it!

I am also working with a dear friend of mine on designing a logo, and eventually getting some business cards made up. Nothing makes you feel cool like having your information on a business card ready to hand out to folks.


Some folks were kind enough to give me some unsolicited feedback on my reviews; they really liked the micro review format! I want to keep doing that, and shave down the overall word count on my standard reviews as well.

Brewery reviews will still be on the longer side, as will beers I have a whole lot to say about.

Speaking of Breweries I have a tentative list for the next ones I want to review:

Foley Brothers — Brandon, VT

High Horse — Amherst, MA

Harpoon Brewery — Windsor, VT

Bent Hill Brewery — Braintree, VT

Element Brewing Company — Millers Falls, MA

It should be an exciting next 6 months for the blog and I can’t wait to write more reviews, visit more breweries, have a better site and best of all…drink more great beers!



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