Not Your Father’s Root Beer – Small Town Brewery

A curious thing has been happening recently, people on my Facebook feed are getting excited about root beer.

Usually excitement for root beer is held for special occasions — like really wanting a root beer float on a hot day, or finding an A&W Drive In when you’re in middle-of-nowhere Vermont and thirsty.

You can’t tell that to Small Town Brewery in Wauconda, IL though, because their Not Your Fathers Root Beer is something to get excited about!

First things first; this isn’t really root beer.rootbeer bottle 1

This is a herbed / spiced ale, similar to some of the spiced beers you find around Christmas and Fall. Think Southern Tier 2Xmas or Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale and you’re kind of in the right ball park. Whatever the genre this falls in your taste buds will tell you that it’s root beer, and your brain will agree as you drink it.

Not-Your-Fathers-Root-Beer 6 pack
Old timey ‘sarsaparilla’ style packaging

I didn’t give this the whole fancy-glass-treatment, I drank it straight from the bottle as if it were an actual root beer. It does have a good bit of carbonation to it so I am sure it will make a solid head in a glass.

Unedited First Sip notes: there is no way this isn’t just root beer! Good rootbeer too, this stuff has a nice spicy flavor to it just how I like it! This tastes a lot like a crisp Barq’s root beer with a splash of  black spiced rum, which is a really great idea I will have to look into. Great product here, I have a hard time thinking this is beer though. How is this 5.9% when it has zero alcohol taste to it?

One downside I noted as I drank my first one is that it certainly gets sweeter as it gets warmer. The spices seem to take a back seat to the sugars in the beer, so that’s something you definitely want to watch out for as you’re drinking it.

I really like this as a root beer, but I can’t see myself enjoying more than one of these in a session; the sugars are very noticeable and I am not a huge fan of sweet beers. As a once in awhile beer / drink though, this stuff is really crisp and tasty and will satisfy any craving you might have for an adult root beer. Plus I bet it would make a hell of a root beer float!

Fathers Day 1
Dad and I some years back when I thought my hair looked cool.

I am excited to bring a six pack of this beer to my dad for Father’s Day and see if he likes it — I need to get him to stop drinking Busch Light.

Oh and happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! May your glasses be full and your beer be cold!



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