Micro-review: Beers by Mikkeller, Brouwerij de Molen and Edge Brewing.

Trying out a brand new format this week and I hope you guys will like it. For this post I am going to do smaller reviews of beers that I only had half a glass of. In the future I might use this style for beers I don’t have 900 words to write about, or seasonal beer sampling posts. Hope you enjoy it!

My buddy and fellow beer-geek Jeff and I have a bi-monthly tradition of getting together, enjoying some beers and playing several games of Magic The Gathering.

It wasn’t always this way — as you know I used to hate beer, and I swear I quit MTG years ago too…

Time has a way of changing things though, and thus we geek out on the regular.

Last week when we hung out Jeff surprised me with a great number of rare beer offerings that a friend of his gave him as a thank you for introducing him to Tree House.

Now, I don’t pretend to be anything but a complete noob when it comes to the rare beer game, so I really had no idea what we were getting into when he presented these four to me.

We split all of them 50/50 and captured for all eternity below are my first, unedited, and note-like reactions to them.

#1 Mikkeller – Rauch Geek Breakfast Smoked Oatmeal Stout 7.5% ABV:

This was a nice deep black color and poured in the typical syrupy fashion for an Oatmeal stout. It smelled a lot like coffee and a little like smoke. I was not sold by the smell, it honestly reminded me of burnt oatmeal more than anything. Very little smell of coffee.

Where to start…first sip tastes like burnt beer. Never had burnt beer, but I am sticking to that. Second sip I get some coffee, and some smoke flavor which makes everything much worse. Now it tastes like someone tossed a cigarette butt into a cup of coffee and poured it into an oatmeal stout. Not good. Not good at all.

There was no third sip to record. I can see some people liking this beer, I am not one of them.

#2 Brouwerij de MolenMooi & Meedogenloos Belgian Strong Ale 10.2% ABV:

After striking out on #1 Jeff got pick #2.

This had a dark as night and sweet as sin look about it, and a taste to match. Was surprised at how bubbly it poured, very carbonated with a big pillowy head because of it. Heavy molasses smell coming out of the glass.

Wow, was not prepared for how sweet this was going to be. The molasses smell should have tipped me off though. Taste was very much like candy and not a whole lot like beer. Noted some chocolate flavor there, but not much in terms of beer. Alcohol taste non-existant, this tastes more like yeasty soda than anything.

Overall this is clearly a dessert beer.  I liked it, but quickly grew disinterested in finishing it.

#3 Mikkeller – Beer Geek Vanilla Shake American Double / Imperial Stout 13% ABV:

First thought – how in the world do you make a 13% beer?!

Poured so dark you would swear it’s motor oil. As soon as it was poured the whole area around us smelled intensely like a vanilla milkshake. Alcohol smell just wafting off of this thing. Enough smelling, I am going in for the first sip.


One more sip.

Seriously, this is insane.

This beer literally tastes like a vanilla milkshake. It’s not too rough, it’s not too smooth, it’s just…there. I can’t even really taste the alcohol on this thing which is a problem.

So many wonderful flavor comparisons; vanilla cheesecake, vanilla bean frappucino, exactly how you thought vanilla extract would taste when you were little. Amazing beer here.

As it warmed we detected notes of a graham cracker crust and the emergence of a small coffee flavoring.

I slowly enjoyed this one.

#4 Edge Brewing – Flor de la Vida American Pale Ale 4.7% ABV:

We needed something light to cleanse the palette at this point, so we went with the lowest ABV beer in the fridge.

Something is very wrong with this beer. We have firm suspicions, aroused by the fact that this smells like feet, that this beer is skunked. That or it is brewed exclusively for Rex Ryan to enjoy.

I manned up and took a sip.

Swamp water, hints of tadpole essence and the taste of well populated public pool water with an unknowable amount of urine in it.


A bitter end to a great journey for sure. I really would have liked to try this one in it’s prime, but alas free beer sometimes comes with an unspoken price to pay!

With any luck Mr. Jeff will share more of his rare beers with me and I can do another one of these reviews soon.







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  1. Damn straight there’s more to come!

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