Present Moment – Tree House Brewing Company

The other week was a banner week production wise at Tree House Brewing Company. In addition to some of their regular offerings being on tap a brand new beer was available, and in cans!

The Tree House Gang on Facebook was abuzz with excitement at the announcement of Present Moment — an American Pale Ale brewed exclusively with southern hemisphere hops.

Now that sounds fancy, but if you’re a novice like me you aren’t certain what that means. Thankfully we live in an age where the greatest compendium of information is literally at our fingertips!

A quick Google search later lead me to the following post about Hops From A Land Down Under and how different hops chosen add a unique flavor to the beer.

Fruit flavor comparisons of southern hemisphere hops are:

  • Passion fruit
  • Peach
  • Lime
  • Lemon
  • Blood orange

As well as many others depending on which hops are used.

Basically, you’re getting a lot of tropical fruit flavors with southern hemisphere hops, and Present Moment showcases those flavors handsomely.

When I pulled the tab back on the can it was like I had started up some dormant fruit factory in my kitchen. I immediately smelled so many great things; melon, grapefruit, papaya and even a bit of lemon. This beer was begging me to pour it in a glass and drink it!

It poured just perfectly, nice thick head on it that I unfortunately was not set up to snap a proper picture of. The head really brought the scent of the beer to a whole new level. Now I could clearly smell a distinct orange aroma sitting just behind everything else, as well as what I am going to call “That Tree House Smell”.

The best way I can describe “That Tree House Smell” is by pointing you to visit the brewery. I know, that is not fair — but I fear my words will fail in their attempt to describe it to you. Alas, here goes.

When you step into Tree House Brewing Company there is this tell-tale aroma of malt, hops, grain, pine wood and just the love of beer that you can’t help but notice. This smell is prevalent in almost all of the beers I have tried there, with exception to the darker ones like That’s What She Said, which smell like a different, darker kind of love.

It’s just a wonderful aroma and smells right . Seriously, take the trip up just to smell the place. Well, buy some beer too, I suppose.

Present Moment has a vivid hoppy tropical punch taste to it and the first sip forced an audible “mmmm” from my lips before I had even swallowed it. All of the smells that I mentioned earlier were now distinct flavors I found with each sip. A little bit of melon started out, coaxing an intense citrus flavor that was clearly a combination of grapefruit and orange. Every flavor was balanced out perfectly and the beer finished off with a tart orange rind taste. There was a malty kind of tang there that made me immediately want another sip.

I can see why they describe this beer as tasting like “Juicy Fruit Gum” because that is incredibly accurate to its overall flavor.

Tree House has a great beer here. But honestly, who would expect anything else from them? You simply don’t get the type of attention they have without being very good at what you’re doing. I have never seen East Hill Road be such a destination before — it’s amazing.

Present Moment is a perfect name for a new beer you have brewed on your new machinery in your new location that is a good ten times the size of the last location you were brewing at mere months ago. The description on the official Tree House site ends with “Subsist in the moment!” and I think that is exactly what we’re seeing here.

Tree House is  attempting to savor this time of advancement, when they’re testing the waters on brand new adventures and seeing their baby grow up and start walking on its own.  It’s important to take a moment to just stand back and say “wow” when you see all that you have accomplished in front of you. And boy do they deserve that moment.

I could be wrong.

I am not wrong about how good this beer is though!

I give it a solid B, only because it is a little too tart to get that coveted A rating from me. That is not meant to detract from the fact that it’s simply great.

I am crossing my fingers that more will be brewed and canned before my trip to St. John with Future-Wife in May.

This stuff has “bring me to a tropical beach and put me into your face” written all over it.


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