Dragon’s Milk – New Holland Brewing Company

It’s been a hard winter for us here, beyond just the snowstorms. As some of you might have gleaned from previous posts, we moved a little over a month ago. Now, normal people take their time when they move. They unpack at a leisurely pace, and wind up spending a long time with their things in boxes.

I am, for all intents and purposes, not normal. This means that I do not unpack like normal people do.

It took three weeks of near constant movement every day, but we’re unpacked and organized, down to the very last box of stuff. I am satisfied and exhausted, and boy do I need a beer.

Thankfully, I still had a Dragon’s Milk squirreled away (my Valentine’s Day gift from Future-wife) that I had been meaning to review.

Before we get into the actual review, I have a couple things I want to mention:

  1. I first discovered Dragon’s Milk at an epic Memorial Day weekend where it gave me an immediate +5 to dodgeball skills.
  2. This beer will make you feel like a Viking. A very happy Viking.

Dragon’s Milk pours a nice deep blackish brown — more like a syrup than a beer, really. I poured it pretty aggressively in my Gulden Draak glass and it got a decent head…that went away pretty quickly. This glass is kind of a jerk like that though, so I can’t blame the beer.  If you swish it around you can see it coat the glass almost like a red wine does.

The smell of this stuff is just awesome. There is this faint fruity scent sitting behind a strong combination of spice and alcohol. It smells like something your bad ass grandfather would drink. I picture this as the type of beer conquering armies drink after they sacked the village and split up the gold they found.

What I am trying to say is: this beer smells like 11% abv of Viking-creating trouble.

Now, it’s not just that this beer is 11% that makes it dangerous. It’s that it tastes so incredibly smooth that you don’t even realize how strong it is. You start off drinking it thinking, “Wow, what an incredibly refined beverage New Holland has created here.”

Then, before you know it you’re swigging gulps of it at a time — and wind up dueling a friend of yours with a beer can wizard staff while imitating that scene from The Cable Guy.

It could happen to anyone, really. If you’re not prepared.

But seriously, this beer is very tasty. It has a spice to it, a tangy alcohol hit to the tongue that slides into a toasted coconut flavor and the tell-tale earthy taste of a good bourbon. I swear I taste vanilla in there, but it is always hidden in the background.

For some high gravity beers, the alcohol taste is overwhelming, but Dragon’s Milk is not one of those. You do taste the alcohol — but it provides a welcome cleanse of the palate that leaves you wanting more.

It definitely packs a punch, as you can imagine. One of these bad boys and you’re well on your way to being tuned up nicely for the rest of the evening.

My only regret with this beer is that it’s pretty expensive up where we live. A four pack costs about $18, if you can believe it. I completely understand why; it takes a lot of love to make these beers and a lot of time. Still, that sticker shock lingers and reminds me to savor every last drop of this great creation.

I give Dragon’s Milk a solid A.

New Holland has crafted a solid experience the whole way through that I highly recommend you try. It’s pricey, but all said it’s worth every penny. If you choose to snag some from your local packie I assure you it will make your tongue happy and your belly warm, even if it lightens your wallet.

And if you’re lucky you just might get a little bit better at dodgeball in the process.

URL – http://newhollandbrew.com/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/newhollandbrew


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