Sah’Tea – Dogfish Head

Before I post a review of this wonderful beer I must ask you to excuse my absence as of late. Future-wife and I moved a week and some days back and though the computers have been set up since day 1 the time to sit back and drink good beer and ponder it’s deliciousness have been nearly non existent. In that time however I did manage to enjoy some Sah’Tea from Dogfish Head brewing company because in the words of the great Dr. Ian Malcolm “life, uh, finds a way”.

Dearest readers there are many things I enjoy in my life, one of them you can guess is beer. Another is beer that comes with a free branded pint glass due to an awesome promotion.

That was how I wound up buying a 750ml bottle of Sah’Tea to try, because I just could not do the Noble Rot again no matter how much I want the future-wife to try it. This beer lists itself as an ‘ale brewed with Black Chai Tea and Juniper Berries’ and is one of the many diverse selections you can find from Dogfish Head.

The label is super cool artwork done by Mark Spusta which conjures up a very native tea ceremony kind of feel. It is very grabbing and speaks to the interesting experience that comes from drinking this unique beer.14-sahtea

It poured a pretty small head and was very bubbly. You could immediately smell that awesome Chai tea smell coming off of it. There was a good amount of sediment in the beer which I like to consider ‘concentrated flavor’. It had a nice amber and honey color to it, very inviting after a long day of unpacking boxes and putting things away. There was a nice crisp smell to it as well, very intriguing!

First sip you could really taste the Chai, which I completely expected. It didn’t become cloying, which was a concern of mine. It actually leveled off nicely and left a great tea aftertaste. That could be because of the juniper berries, full disclosure I have no idea what a juniper berry tastes like so I couldn’t tell you if that flavor was present. Something was there behind the scenes keeping the Chai under control though for sure.

I did note that it tasted, for lack of a better term, ‘warm’. I don’t mean that in a temperature way though, but in a ‘spiced’ kind of way the same way a nice spiced cider tastes. It was a little sweet, had a sort of honey quality to it.It almost ventured towards some spiced mead I have had in the past, but nowhere near as sweet.

I can’t recall drinking another beer that comes even close to the taste that was present here, which can either be seen as a compliment to Dogfish Head’s creativity or my lack of unique beer exposure. I am thinking it’s more the former though. This truly is an interesting beer to drink and I urge anyone reading this to pony up some bucks to try it.

At 9% ABV this beer packed a decent punch and the alcohol taste was present throughout drinking it. Continued sips really drove the nice spicy flavor home. I found myself reminiscing about the time future-wife and I went to the Big E and poured some spiced black rum into our McKenzies Seasonal and I wound up in fox face paint before the end of the night.

But that’s a story for another day.

I give Sah’Tea a very solid B grade. I will definitely add this to my mental list of ‘winter beers’ as I can’t imagine drinking it in any other season. The spices just really lend themselves to the idea of sitting in front of a fireplace with a good beer and a middle finger aimed at the third snowstorm of the week.


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